2013 has come to an end, it has been an awsome year for the guild. Solar Flare is an old guild with allot of ups and downs. Here is the full story from day 1, till now.

Solar flare got created by me on my paladin called luïgi, thats why everyone still calls me luigi... in August 2009, The trial of the crusader raid just came out. Eventually we had enough members to raid by ourselfs, we all where complete noobs, one of my oldest memories is solar flare progression the 1st boss there on heroic mode, but we had no chance to kill it, we didnt even got close. On heroic mode u could only wipe 50 times before the raid whas closed. We litterly wasted all 50 wipes on 1 boss, even tho we didnt killed him, we had a feeling we got better, we enjoyed what we did and thats when i knew i wanted to create a progressive pve team. Teamwork and friendship is what makes Solar Flare so strong up to this day. With some ups and downs during the expansion, our glory days where in icecrown citadel. We growed verry fast and killed the lich king server 2nd when he only had a 5% nerf.
We didnt recorded the kill. After killing the lich king so fast, the guild became popular, as the only guild who had better progression and killed him sooner, whas Method. (duh). We started heroic icc25 and again, we progressed it like bosses. 10 player heroic, 25 player heroic, and verry soon we killed everything except for the lich king. The lich king heroic never got killed by us. But we managed to record some of our attempts!


Cataclysm started, good players left, new players joined, but the core of the guild still existed. We decided to keep raiding, and kicking ass we did. We killed nefarian in blue gear, even some of the heroic bosses. In firelands our intrest dropped down and we took a break from raiding.


We started raiding again by the end of the dragon soul patch, not for cataclysm cause the expansion wasnt of the same quality as others, but 'cause Myst of Pandaria whas comming! We cleared entire dragon soul heroic with our most veteran players. Some of them are still with us today, or are comming back.. Like haisel, furon, garddragon and even Das and cannabicius are still here. Other raiders went to top guilds, velnias got a social/raider spot in Method, Logan is farming heroic SoO like a boss, Neitoperho got 11 bosses down on heroic mode and so on..
Here is a video from Solar Flare in dragon soul! (I played priest then for the setup, and i sucked at it too)


Then Myst of pandaria came out... We managed to get 10 extremly good players to start raiding right away, giving us a realm 1st stone guards kill, realm 2nd feng, realm 2nd spirit binder and realm 3rd elegon. Again, there are videos from these kills.


Solar Flare got really popular in Myst of pandaria and we soon had 2 raiding teams of 10 playrs each up, raiding verry competitively against eachother. This started to backfire to the guild, and eventually the guild had to stop raiding 'cause of the drama it caused. At this point we all decided to go our different paths, i want horde to join <Carnage inc> and others went their own way.

The thunder king has never been slain by Solar Flare during its days, sadly enough.
After i got bored of not raiding with friends, i decided to quit. Not soon later i came back (lol) and went do a completly new realm, this realm, this special damn realm, chamber of aspects. I leveld a deathknight called jarsen, no more luigi crap i tought! I also decided to make a guild called Order of the hammer, pure for levelling, pure for gold... but my guildleader instinct took over, and again it evolved into a verry friendship and teamwork based guild, before we knew it, we got back into raiding and... Solar Flare whas reborn. And altho the guild has been death for a couple months, the community whas still there we went to facebook and as soon players from every realm migrated to us and joined us to fight and have a great time on this game. And now, we are kicking ass, and we will kick more ass in the future, nobody can hold us.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi1iLRUzEmI  (garrosh kill)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS2m9bx4jBk (galakras 25 kill)


Happy newyear all.

- Luigi / Jarsen