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re: Solar Flare, Hunter Beast Master guide



I’m Squito ,the Hunter, currently Beast Master of Solar Flare, i’ll try to pass down my whole knowledge i have about this dps spec.


You want to be Global Cooldown  capped whole time during a fight, waiting even 0.5 sec for your kill command going of cooldown and doing nothing, it’s a dps waste but if u would cast cobra shot and delay ur kill command by another 0.5 sec it's a dps gain

You want to have certain pet out, either the one who’ll cover buffs or Tallstrider since he applies 3 stacks of Weakened Armor in aoe, no one can do that so fast, so it’s your best choice for 25 man raiding, since every buff gonna be probably covered.


Tier 1:

Postahaste: it’s quite good on fights where mobility is needed, but there’s currently no such fight that it should be mandatory choice

Narrow Escape: PvP talent, unless u wanna root adds, but there’s no such need in any fight

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera: your default choice, reduces cooldown of you Deterrence to 2 minutes and also you can disegange more often

Tier 2:

Binding Shot: The best option of those 3, very long stun, aoe and u can stun instantly if u gonna hit the targets by the edge of cicrle, very usefull in many encounters, such as Sha during garrosh intermission or bonecrushers during galakras and so on and so on,

Wyvern Sting: 0 actuall use in raiding

Intimidation:  Longer CD than Binding Shot, affects only 1 target, and your pet needs to cuddle that target, it’s just worse in every way, no point picking it up

Tier 3:

Exhilaration: On the paper it does not sound that wrong, a stronger healthstone, but it’s just outclassed by other choices

Aspect of the Iron Hawk: Your default choice for raiding, it’s essentialy so much dmg reductiong on every fight by just being there, it helps your healer, so does your raid

Spirit Bond: It also does not sound that bad on paper, but with current healing method when you’re instantly topped, Spirit Bond will just have no effect durin the fight, so pretty useless

Tier 4:

Fervor: Strong choice when u need burst so it’s good on belt, but then it’s just outclassed by Dire Beast

Dire Beast: your default choice, it scales with your mastery and haste gives it more chances to attack more, it’s best for single target fights

Thrill of the Hunt: Really strong and should be picked on fights where high uptime on beast cleave is essential, since it maked your multishot cost 20 focus, so it’s actually possible to use kill command on CD and keep 100% uptime on beast cleave, your choice for fights where u have to aoe most of the encounter.

Tier 5:

A Murder of Crows: has uses for survival hunters, for BM, not so much cause it’s outclassed by other talent

Blink Strikes: Your talent of choice as BM,  marvelous synergize with your whole toolkit

Lynx Rush:it’s just plain useless

Tier 6:

Glaive Toss: Best dps talent for single target, easy to use, cheap cost for high dmg

Powershot: completly useless for Pve

Barrage: Best dps talent for aoe , and you can move while u channel, and haste from buffs and stuff makes the channel time really short, around 1 second so you don’t waste that much time dealing a lot of aoe dmg



As a hunter your glyphs focuses on survivability and utility not on dps, you’re kinda forced to have those perticuliar glyphs since they’re just the best:
-Glyph of Animal Bond, you’re easier to heal

-Glyph Deterrence, your only defensive cooldown now has 50% dmg reduction

And the last choice varies , it’s either Glyph of Disengage, Tranquilizing Shot, Ice Trap, but they’re not that important ( unless you’re doing belt, then Glyph of Disengage is mandatory)


Just use whatever u want, but keep in mind if you’re switching between specs, and you have Exotic Pets in your stable, they won’t be summoned during Stampede, so you should use Glyph of Stampede to avoid such problem.


As BM your stat weights are: Agility> Hit/Expertise till capped > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Unless you don’t have legendary meta gem and cloak, then your stats goes like this:

Agility> Hit/Expertise till capped > Crit > Mastery > Haste

Worth to mention you should always go for ilvl upgrade since we scale so good with agility ( around 3-4 times better than with our secondary stats) so secondary stats does not matter in that case, always go for higher ilvl item.Your secondary stats are also very close in terms of dps: Agility>all

Your trinkets of choice are Assurance of Conquence and Ticking Ebon Detonator

Haromns is also solid choice because Haromns is better for dps if it has at least 6 ilvls higher than TED


priority list:

1 Bestial Wrath ( U can delay it by 2-3 seconds to make sure u gonna squize 2 kill commands during it’s duration)

2 Kill Shot ( use both stacks asap when u have the option, sometimes when the hitbox for boss is far away ( like immersius) or you’re just at max range from boss it CD won’t reset until it hits target, so just use other skill inbetween so u don’t waste time pressin Kill Shot when it can’t be shooted anyway )

3 Kill Command ( try to use it on cooldown, that’s a lot harder than u think )

4 Dire Beast ( it’s really strong skill, cause from one GCD is around 500-600k dmg without trinket procs + a lot of focus, if Bestial Wrath is coming back from cooldown try to now have high amount of focus, cause u might get focus capped and that’s waste of dps )

5 Glaive Toss( just use on CD, simple as that, if u have an option, try to position yourself to it will hit as many target it can during travel time)

6 Focus Fire ( Don’t use it when u have less than 10 seconds before Bestial Wrath, u gonna benefit more when u pet gonna have 5 stacks of Frenzy during it, also don’t use it during Bestial wrath unless it’s the last 3 seconds of it and u don’t have anything else to cast, so u’ll at least give ur pet additional empowered special attack )

7 Arcane Shot(focus dump)

8 Cobra Shot(focus generator)

General Rules:

You wanna dance with arcane shots and cobra shots if everything is on CD while maintainight kinda high focus ( around ~60-70 ) so u can use Kill Command immideatly when it’s off the cooldown, it’s sounds fairly simple, but that’s the hardest part of playing BM, not delaying your Kill Command, you can count after the fight how many Kill Commands u used and divide the time of the fight by 6 to see how many u could have, that’s how u calculate how many kill commands u missed,the diffrence should not be higher than 10-15%

If there will be a situation that your Kill Command if off CD, and u have 3 seconds till Bestial Wrath, use that Kill Command and then just delay your Bestial Wrath by 3 seconds.

Before Bestial Wrath u wanna have around 70-80 focus, so u can use only offensive skills during it, usually you’re aiming for this rotation:
1-Bestial Wrath+Kill Command
2-Arcane Shots ( or Glaive toss if it’s off CD ) till your cooldown on Kill Command goes back

3-Kill Command

4-Arcane shots till Bestial Wrath wears out

Use Rapid Fire and Stampede on CD all the time, it’s not worth or usefull to delay them for anything(unless boss has some kind of immunity or burn phase will be coming, then save them for that if it’s not gonna delay them for too long )

Remember that stampede tends to do little dmg when target is moving, so if u need to move boss a lot before casting Stampede, delay ur Stampede in till the boss stops moving.


It’s fairly important thing as BM cause u can achieve really insane numbers onlyit if it’s done properly and that high dmg gonna carry ur dps over course of the fight

Apply your Hunter’s Mark before pull, and Misdirect just in case

-02: Glaive Toss from max distance( and start running towards boss, to be in 25y range for kill command)

-01: Potion+Rapid Fire+Synapse Strings

+00: Bestial Wrath + Kill Command

+01: Stampede
+02 Dire Beast

+03Arcane Shot

+04Arcane Shot

~+10 Apply Serpent Sting after your Ticking Ebon Detonator wears off

And continue your normal rotation


2 targets-> don’t bother with aoe, just use your single target rotation, unless targets share health like Shamans, if they’ll be close it’s worth to dump your focus with Multishot  instead of Arcane Shot, cause Beast Cleave will deal damage as it would be 4 targets, so much more damage than Arcane Shot

3-6 targets-> try to maintain high uptime on your Beast Cleave and not delay your kill command by any means, also worth to mention is that to keep full uptime on Beast Cleave, and use Kill Command on CD it requires, 100 focus every 6 seconds, it’s insane amount and it’s really hard to keep up longer time without speccing for Thrill of the Hunt, so  if fight has a lot of these situation, like 50/50, spec for Thrill of the Hunt.Your primary focus dump from now is Multishot

7+ targets-> maintain beast cleave 100% of the time, use kill command only if it not gonna reduce your Beast Cleave uptime


Never use explosive trap it’s a waste of GCD as BM, unless you can pretrap, then ofc do it.


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re: Solar Flare, Hunter Beast Master guide


Arcane Shot > Arcane Shot > top dps

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