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re: My destruction guide 5.4



My name’s Kylr and I’ve been raiding with the guild Solar Flare for quite a while now and I would like to give some information I know about my class and dwell into some of the more advanced things about the class I play, which is Destruction Warlock. I hope you enjoy my guide and that it helps your raiding experience as a whole.  Let’s get started.

Contents –

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Burning Embers

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->2.       <!--[endif]-->AoE

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->3.       <!--[endif]-->Glyphs & Talents.

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->4.       <!--[endif]-->Cooldowns

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->5.       <!--[endif]-->Stat Priority

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->6.       <!--[endif]-->What gems and enchants?

<!-- [if !supportLists]-->7.       <!--[endif]-->What potions and Flasks?

Burning Embers –

Burning Embers are a warlock’s best friend. You will find the spells that require Burning embers will do huge damage! Always try and keep 3 Burning embers at a time and when you reach 4 chaos bolt or if the target is below 20% health, Shadowburn for instant large damage.  The reason you want to maintain 3 Burning embers is because when a trinket procs or a warrior places a skull banner or other Crit effects, you should cast 3 chaos bolt’s or 3 shadowburn’s as said above and your dps will fly up the meters.

AoE –

AoE will rely mainly on Burning Embers. Always have Rain of fire up to build up the embers quickly. Once you reach 2 Burning embers use fire and brimstone and apply Immolate and maintain it on all enemies as much as you can. Once there are around 2 – 3 players left you should havoc, swap to another and Chaos bolt or when the target is below 20% hp, you should Shadowburn.  You will find that warlocks have really strong AoE compared to Demonology and Affliction.

Glyphs and Talents –

Choosing the right Glyphs and Talents can be really important. For example if you chose Grimoire of Sacrifice which removes your pet to give you a 60 minute buff, then you chose soul link which splits 20% of the damage you take, would make no sense, so please be careful with what you choose.  The best talents will be highlighted in Green, the talent inbetween the worst and the best will be in Orange and the Worst in Red.

Talent tier 1 –

Dark Regeneration: This talent is more of a pvp one but is far better than Harvest life.

Soul Leech: This talent will absorb 10% of the damage you do and is good when you have DoT’s up from bosses.

Harvest Life: This talent is basically useless as you’ll never use Drain life in your rotation.

Talent tier 2 – This talent tier I didn’t feel the need to rank them in order, as they are all aoe and that won’t do much against a boss. I would choose Mortal Coil over the other two because although it doesn’t cc, it will still regenerate 15% of your health.

Talent tier 3 –

Soul Link: I would not recommend this at all, as in a later talent build you’ll use Sacrifice which makes this spell useless.

Sacrificial Pact: This spell is good, but in most situations Dark Bargain will be better.

Dark Bargain: This spell is really helpful with huge damage spells, for example on the Shamans you can use this before the prison to prevent instant death.

Talent tier 4 –

Blood Horror: Blood horror is not in any way helpful and is only used for pvp.

Burning Rush: This spell can make things quicker but it won’t be needed on most boss fights.

Unbound Will: This spell will come in handy when you are cc’d or stunned on a encounter.

Talent tier 5 –

Grimoire of Supremacy: This talent choice is more for people that aren’t doing much damage.

Grimoire of Service: It’s good for bursts but in the long run it’s pretty rubbish

Grimoire of Sacrifice: This is the best choice by far as it increases your damage done by 15% and heals you every 5 seconds. You won’t have a pet but it’s far greater than one.

Talent tier 6 –

Archimonde’s Darkness: This spell is really good for single target dps.

Kil’jaeden’s Cunning: Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is REALLY helpful for fights that you need to move and be mobile very often, I find myself using this more often than the rest.

Mannoroth’s Fury: This isn’t as helpful as the others and should only be used on AoE encounters such as galakras.

Cooldowns –

I am not going to go over the damage cooldowns, only the cooldowns you would use on burst. I think it’s best to search the net for a good macro that puts them all up at the click of a button.

You will want to cast Darksoul: Instability, then Curse of the elements which will increase your dps by 5%, then this one is only aviaible to herbalists, If you really want to find all the ways you can to increase your burst dps, I recommend using Lifeblood which at Herbalism skill 600, increases your haste by 2880 for 20 seconds. Once you’ve cast these 3 spells, start of your actual damage burst by casting Summon Doomguard. Always keep Curse of the elements up for max dps. Don’t forget to use your flasks and pots. Before you start the encounter use 1 pot and then you should have another to use when it’s off cd. Any other items that could help will be useful in all burst situations.

Stat Priority –

First off, it is really important that your hit chance is at 15% so you don’t miss a single hit. If you happen to go over 15% reforge the excess hit to mastery. Mastery is really important as a warlock, once you reach 100% mastery, you should have a damage increase with Immolate, Fel flame, Incinerate and Conflagrate or any spell that consumes Burning embers. Haste isn’t as useful as Mastery but will give you extra Ticks on your Damage over time spells, I would reforge excess hit to haste if you already have mastery on your item. Crit isn’t very useful for warlocks, but ofcourse will increase your dps. Never reforge Hit to this unless once again you have mastery and this time haste.

What gems and enchants? –

Yellow gem: Fractured Sun’s Radiance.

Blue gem: Sensei’s Wild Jade, or if you’re capped hit and can’t reforge anymore then use a Fractured Sun’s Radiance.

Red gem: Artful Vermillion Onyx. USE Brilliant Serpent’s Eye if you’re a Jewelcrafter, keep in mind it can only be used on two gem slots max.

Meta gem: Sinister Primal Diamond, which will cost you a lot. If you don’t have the gold at the current time, then I would say Burning Primal Diamond is a worthy meta gem.


I’ll list the enchants in chronological order. The profession choices named after the normal choice are far superior and are recommended.

Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription, Secret Crane Wing Inscription if you’re an scribe.

Cloak: Superior Intellect, Lightweave Embroidery if you’re a tailor.

Chest: Glorious Stats.

Bracers: Super Intellect, Fur lining if you’re a Leatherworker and Socket Bracer if you’re a Blacksmith.

Gloves: Greater Haste or Socket Gloves if you’re an Blacksmith.

Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle, Frag belt for Engineer’s.

Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread.

Boots: Pandaren’s Step.

Main hand: Jade Spirit.

      Off hand: Major Intellect.

What Potions or Flasks?

Potion – Potion of the Jade serpent, keep in mind that you can use it once before the encounter and then another during the encounter as noted above.


Flask – Flask of the warm sun, keep it maintained every hour. Use Alchemist’s Flask if you have Alchemy.

Hey, kylr here guys :D
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