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re: Hunter Survival Guide


Yo guys, I'm not gonna go over the basic rotation in this as I will assume you already know what you're doing and want to maximise dps through subtle things. However, I will throw in a basic priority list at the start.


Talent choice:

Tier 1 - The go to choice here will be Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera due to the decrease in the cooldown of deterrence. The other 2 may be good in certain fights where you have to cover a large distance very quickly with posthaste, or control a group of adds.

Tier 2 - This tier does not really matter all that much, although Binding shot may be useful in some situations to control a group of moving adds, such as mines on siegecrafter.

Tier 3 - The go to here will be Iron hawk, as it will reduce the amount of incoming damage and make the lives of the healers a bit easier, although spirit bond is the better choice on Malkorok, as the healing adds to your shield, you you will have a huge portion of your shield made by spirit bond healing. Also, if there is a fight where you will be away from healers for an extended period of time, such as siegecrafter if you are in the belt group, then spirit bond is also good as it can keep you topped up without having to ask the healers for help.

Tier 4 - This tier is a difficult pick. Fervor used to be my favorite, due to the reliability of the focus on demand, or for panic situations as it is helpful to know when you are going to have a large amount of focus coming in for abilities. However, thrill of the hunt may also me a dps increase if you combine it with the hunter 2 set, as more arcane shots means more uptime on rapid fire, and more multi shots means more cleave on fights that need it (NOT paragons you dps sluts). I generally don't like dire beast as the focus is coming in in small amount, and I like to keep track of what is happening so I will always take fervor over DB, but I keep changing my mind between fervor and TotH, but a lot of this comes down to preference and your tier 5 choice.

Tier 5 - Lynx rush is dogshit, don't even try and say otherwise. A murder of crows (AmoC) is usually better on single tarjet fights as you can use it as a large dps cooldown for period where you will have a rapid fire, trinkets or prepots up. If you take AmoC, i would recommend also taking fervor from the previous tier, as you can use fervor on an empty bar just before AmoC, and it all works very nicely. However, if the targets aren't going to be alive or attackable for the full 30 seconds, then take blink strikes. Blink strikes is generally less hassle as it is a passive, and lags only slightly behind AmoC in terms of single target DPS. For fights where the boss will have multiple period of being under 20%, i.e. Garrosh, then AmoC is perfect as you can use it in those phases for increased uptime due to the lower cooldown.

Tier 6 - Glaive toss, unless Immerseus hc then barrage and save for the adds. Make sure to position yourself so the glaive travels through as many adds as possible on all fights.


Animal Bond - Always.

Liberation is nice in fights where you can disengage a lot for hp, but not needed.

Deterrence is good for fights where deterrence will not make you immune, or if a dot will do heavy damage at one particular point, i.e shamans hc.

Disengage, for when you need to travel further. NEEDED FOR DISENGAGING ONTO THE BELT FOR SIEGECRAFTER.

Basic ability priority list:


Explosive shot on cooldown

Black arrow on cooldown (unless you have AoC which I will go into later)

Kill shot

Serpent sting (only reapply if falling off in 1> second)

Glaive toss on cooldown

Arcane shot

Cobra shot (to build focus and refresh serpent sting)


My single tarjet opener:

Make sure to misdirect the tank at about 5 seconds before pull, just in case Jarsen fucks up again and pulls early (misdirect has a 30 second buff, with damage caused actually triggering the threat transfer, so don't worry about losing the benefit). As glaive toss has a travel time, you can throw it at about 2 seconds before the pull, depending on how far away from the boss you are. You may want to practice on tarjet dummies to get the timings right. Then I pop rapid fire and explosive shot at the same time, followed by black arrow and then stampede. After this, apply serpent sting to the tarjet. By this point you may have a lock and load proc, and many people are unsure how to deal with the proc. You will want to spam ALL of the procs into the boss one after the other, as the damage from the dot will roll into each other when reapplies. Don't worry about focus capping when spamming explosive shot, as the damage from explosive shot is a larger dps increase than using the focus you are capped on. By this time, you will be into the normal rotation for the boss (see priority list above).

2 - 4 tarjets:

Continue the single tarjet rotation, replacing arcane shot with multi-shot if you can spare the focus or if you take TotH and have a proc.

4+ tarjets:

Place explosive trap, spam the shit out of multi shot. If you have 2 set, you will be bathed in rapid fire uptime.

Cooldown usage:

Black Arrow:

Although black arrow isn't a typical cooldown, it is very important to master when to use it. If you don't have AoC, then the cooldown will not be reduced and you should always use on CD, unless the tarjet will not be alive for the full duration of Black Arrow.

If you have AoC which reduces the cooldown of black arrow, then you should ALWAYS wait until black arrow is about to drop off, and NEVER overlap the dots, as this could waste 1 or 2 ticks, which could have been a lock and load proc that you will now not have, and therefore a shit tonne of wasted damage. Also, the remaining time on the black arrow dot will be a focus waste. If there is a second tarjet which will be alive for the full duration of black arrow, then I always apply black arrow to the second tarjet on cooldown. IDK if it doubles your chances of a proc, can't find an answer anywhere, but it might so I do it.

Rapid fire/stampede:

You generally want to use Rapid Fire with stampede, but this is often difficult to line up apart from at the pull. If rapid fire is off CD and stampede is coming off CD in the next 10 or so second, it is better to save it. If you have 2 set, rapid fire will have its CD decreased by 8s every time you arcane or multi shot, so if Stampede is off CD and rapid fire has around 30-40 seconds left on the cd, spam a few arcane shots to get it off cd, then use with stampede. It is up to your own judgement how long you are willing to wait for either cooldown to use with the other, but I generally advise against waiting any more than 10-13 seconds.

A Murder of Crows:

Use on pull when all of your trinkets and rapid fire is up. BIG dmg. If the boss will be under 20% hp in a few seconds, it is better to wait to use until the tarjet is below 20% as the CD is halved, but only if the tarjet will be alive for and not immune for the full duration, unless it is the boss and it's going to die (duh).

Explosive Shot:

ALWAYS USE THIS ON CD. IT IS YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY AND WILL DO LIKE 35-40% OF YOUR DPS WITH 4 SET. Always make sure you will have enough focus to cast explosive shot when it comes off cooldown. If you don't, you're not allowed to play hunter.


That's pretty much it. No way I'm doing a boss specific guide unless you pay me. Go rek Garrosh.



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