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re: Official Solar Flare PvE guide 2: Blood Death Knights.



I'm the main Blood Death knight of Solar Flare, my character is called Jarsen and in this guide i will tell you everything i know about blood death knights in the hope you can learn something from it.

You got 2 different playstyles for every tank. A defensive style and a max damage style. Both styles have different builds that you can try out. Choose what you enjoy playing the most but be flexible enough if a boss requires another style of tanking. In this guide, i want to talk about maximizing your tank damage no matter what style and build you play.

1) Diseases
2) Rune Management
3) Runic Power
4) Cooldowns
5) Trinkets
6) Glyphs
7) Talents 
8) Different Builds

1) Diseases

Do not let them run out! Your diseases have to have an uptime of 99%. Trinkets that have high strenght procs are important. Once your trinkets proc, you want to re-apply the dots, after that do not use blood boil for the full duration. If you do refresh your dots after your strenght procs are gone, you lose the value.

2) Rune Management

Understanding how your runes regenerate is important. If you used 1 frost rune, it will regenerate. If you used 2 frost runes, it will regenerate 1 frost rune, and the second one after the first one is back up. Death strike spamming will only use unholy runes and frost runes, but if you do not spend your blood runes you lose up to 33% rune regeneration and thats a dps loss.

Blood runes give you the least amount of damage and therefor has the lowest priority. Blood runes are simple to use, heart strike for single target and blood boil for multi target. Always attempt to use blood runes on soul repear once the target reaches 35% health.

3) Runic Power

Its very easy to say what to do with it. Use runestrike as often as possible and never cap runic power. The trick is to understand how to maximize your runic power regeneration. A blood dk can regenerate runic power from one of the folowing sources:
- 10 RP for every rune spend on an offensive ability
- 10 RP from every succesfull melee autoattack.
- 10 RP from parrying or dodging an attack.
- 10 RP from horn of winter
- 25 RP from empower rune weapon
- X RP from anti magic shell (1RP per 1k of dmg it managed to soak)

One thing to say here, maximize the amount of anti magic shells you use during an encounter and glyph for regenerative magic. This way you can use it both as a dps increase and a dmg reduction cd.

4) Cooldowns   Dark Simulacrum?                 AMS?                                      IBF timing? & Glyph it?                             AMZ?
- Immersius :  A)  No              B) Best time is soak  pools for RP  C)  No, use IBF for swirl or corrosive blast   D) Yes on Hc
- Protectors :  A) No               B) Best time at suns bubble            C)  If u fail at Gouge IBF breaks stun.      D) Yes, infernostrike
- Norushen:    A) Yes Hurl corruption  B) Burst of Anger fail in test C) If u fail at the beam or got high stacks  D) Yes 
- Sha of Pride  A) No              B) Swelling pride + Mark of Arrogance C) on Swelling Pride + Glyph is worth it    D) Yes
- Galakras       A) No              B) Tidal wave shamans + Flames of boss C) Any time on high tank dmg / stacks D) Yes 
- Iron Juggernaut A) No        B) Start p2 + Shock Pulse                          C) Glyph it for mine soaking maybe      D) On shock pulse
- Dark Shamans  A) Yes Froststorm bolt  B) Green slimes or foul stream C) Foul geiser or high stacks            D) Yes, when meteor
- Nazgrim           A) Not worth it B) Dmg reduction on Shockwaves   C) War song or ravagers                             D) No
- Malkorok         A) No            B) Soaking pools and P2                      C) P2 or high stacks                                   D) Possibly
- Spoils       A) Rage of Empress B) Can soak allot of abilitys           C) Can be used on Cooldown                      D) No
- Thok           A) No                 B) P1 Soaking + debuffs                       C) High Stacks   D)Reduce Fire/Frost/poison Dmg
- Siegecrafter A) No               B) If standing in fire                             C) Magnetic Crush                                      D) No
- Klaxxi           A) No               B) Standing in amber pools for RP        C) Aim soaking + Glyph if frequently  D) Yes on Fiery Edge
- Garrosh        A) Yes on MC'd Allies B) Iron star explosion + whirling corr. C) IBF for Shockwave Soaking D) Yes on Whirling for Melee

Army of the dead at pull is actually not your best option. You want to use it when you have build up allot of vengeance and the same counts for raise dead.  

Dancing Rune Weapon with the 4set bonus is both a huge dps increase and survival increase. Note that DRW coppies your spells and not the player. So you can get double diseases on your main target, but you can't make DRW spread them out cause roiling blood is a talent. Same with Soul Reaper

5) Trinkets

A) Vial of Living Corruption: Increased CD recovery rate by 20% on a normal version. This results in:
- Icebound Fortitude at 150seconds (-30sec)
- Outbreak at 50seconds (-10sec)
- Dancing Rune Weapon at 75seconds (-15sec)
- Bone Shield at 50seconds (-10sec)
- Anti magic shell at 37.5 (-7.5sec)
- Vampiric Blood at 50sec (-10sec)

B) Rooks Unlucky Talisman
- Can save you from tank killing damage like primordial strike and explosive slam. Only worth it if you need the stamina + cd. and you want to go 100% defensive.

C) Thok's Tail Tip
- Can give you a nice amount of extra mastery for survival + a very nice strenght proc to boost up your damage. If you want to add damage at low costs you want to equip this.

D) Juggernaut's focussing crystal
- Don't use it.

E) Fusion-Fire Core
- Has a very high strenght proc that will help really well on dmg. The cleave bonus isnt important. 

D) Skeer Bloodsoaked Talisman
- Best trinket to combine with Thok's Tail Tip for a dps build.

6) Glyphs

- Glyph of Festering Blood along with Glyph of Pestilence is the most powerfull for AOE tanking. Sacrifising 2 glyph slots for it is not always optimal.
- Glyph of Regenerative Magic is fantastic and should be rarely switched out. Do not use Glyph of anti magic shell at the same time cause they effect eachother negativly.
- Glyph of Loud horn and swift death are useless.
- Glyph of Anti Magic Shell is only usefull when there is a single big hit you need to absorb every so often.
- Glyph of Death and Decay is really handy for kiting, but also on the bombs when siegecrafter spawns bombs, you can place it down to immediatly have a slow on them.
- Glyph Of Icy Touch gives us an offensive dispell. This can be handy if you dont have someone else who can do it in your raid.
- Glyph Of Vampiric Blood is a must have on the malkorok encounter. Also, more usefull on 25m since the tanks receive more healing there. Also, keep in mind if glyphed it makes it more proactive then reactive. On top of that, our cooldowns that scale with health will be slightly stronger with unglyphed VB for example: Death Pact: 0.5*1.25*1.15=71.8%  vs 0.5*1.4 = 70%
- Glyph of Ressilient Grip is really handy on garrosh. When he spawns adds, you kill one and you can immediatly grab another one to you.

7) Talents

- Plague Leech : Single Target Dps increase  
- Roiling Blood : Easier Multi target dps setup + small multi target dps increase
- Unholy Blight : Gay

- Lichborne : Good selfhealing thanks to vengeance
- Purgatory : Dk's argent defender of wrath. Can be usefull. Specially if you can communicate with your paladin. When it procs to give you lay on hands.
- Anti Magic zone : Usefull for reducing raid damage

Tier 3:
- Chillbains: Kiting mobs + having them slowed. Usefull on dark shaman blobs, immersius blobs, siegecrafter bombs, etc.
- Asphyxiate : An extra Interupt. Most of the time not the best choice.
- Death's Advance: Usefull in Challenge Modes

Tier 4: 
- Death Pact : Awsome big heal
- Death Siphon : Gay
- Conversion : Not worth to lose all your runic power (and dps) for some minor self healing. It has potentially more healing then death pact but at a too big cost.

Tier 5:
- Runic Empowerment : Just no.
- Runic Corruption : Nope.
- Blood Tap : Yes!! Best for survival and dps.

Tier 6: 
- Remorseless Winter : Can reset the mobs if u trap urself with kiting them, Usefull on garrosh normal mode p1 and trash.
- Gorefiend Grasp : Most of the time the best choice. Mass grip on immersius blobs, Norushen Big add if DG on CD, Sha of Pride adds, Galakras, dark shamans, Malkorok Hc, Thok Hc on the bats, Siegecrafter on mines, Garrosh on adds in p1
- Desecrated Ground : Not very usefull in PvE

8) Different Builds:

A) The Mastery Build
Mastery (180% - 230%)> Hit/EXP 7.5% > Haste > Crit = Dodge/Parry  Keep in mind that Mastery gives you nothing for DPS. This is the most defensive build you can go for.

B) The Haste Build
Haste > Hit/EXP 7.5% > Crit > Mastery = Dodge/Parry  This build has lost most of it value since ToT now that trinkets do not scale with your haste any longer.

C) The Crit Build
Crit > Hit/EXP 7.5% > Haste > Mastery > Dodge/Parry  This build has lost its value since the addition of Riposte.

D) The Avoidance / Dps Build

Without the tank 4pc bonus:
Parry > Hit/EXP 7.5% > Dodge > Haste > Crit > Mastery

With the tank 4pc bonus:
Parry > Hit/EXP 7.5% > Dodge > Crit > Haste > Mastery

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