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re: Advanced DOT'ing with TellMeWhen


So, DoT's. You would say they are just basic damage tics. However, they are affected by a lot of things, like say haste, critical strike, attack power etc. depending what DoT we're talking about. For casters, haste will affect DoT's. For physical abilities like Serpent Sting for Hunters or Deep Wounds for Warriors, this is not the case. Physical abilities in general are quite static and therefore not that necessary to track, besides knowing that they're on the target all the time.

Lets take Serpent Sting as an example: it tics for 16200 damage + 80% of your attack power. Even though this is Nature Damage, it still counts as a physical ability and therefore, haste will not affect it. Do you want to refresh it when an AP trinket procs? No, because it will scale automatically, lets say you have 10.000 AP, then Serpent Sting does 16.200 + (10.000 * 0,8) = 24.200 damage over 15 seconds. If halfway the 15 seconds, an AP trinket procs, your damage will instantly scale to your current AP. So, tracking dots for most physical abilities isn't really all that interesting, unless you're theory crafting! 


This guide is therefore about casters. DoT's and HoT's. Haste affects dots and hots in the following way:
If you put Living Bomb (mage ability) on a target, it will deal damage every 3 seconds. If you add haste to the mix, it gets complicated really quick (for a good beginners guide, click here). It comes down to the following: if you increase the haste, the damage is dealt more quickly, leading up to the point that it ticks more often. In the example of Living Bomb, it will tick 4 times instead of 3 etc.

So as a caster, you want to refresh your DoTs/HoTs as soon as you have more haste.  But you do not want to constantly see if your meta-gem or Hurricane enchant procs! And, (I won't explain all of this), of course you want to rebuff when you have more Intellect. So this is where the actual guide comes in. I will give a guide on how to know when to reapply dots/hots when it is optimal in terms of damage and haste!

BE WARNED: this guide takes into consideration that you know the basic functions of TellMeWhen!


To keep the example of Living Bomb up:

  1. If you configure a new button in TellMeWhen, instead of choosing the usual Spell Cooldown or whatever, you choose "Condition Icon".
    1. On this page, you want to type what spell you're tracking in the "Custom Texture" field.
    2. Also, click in the ShoW States & Opacity part, on "conditions succeed" 100%. The conditions fail, you will leave unchecked.
  2. Then go to the conditions tab. This is where we will set up how and when we want TellMeWhen to actually show the button!
    1. The first thing you do is click "add Condition", click on "type" which gives you a dropdown list. In the Combat Stats section, choose Spell Healing or Spell Damage, depending on whether you are a healer or a dps dealer! For the purpose of this guide, I choose Spell Damage.
    2. After this, you want to select the >= icon under "Operator".
    3. For the value, you should decide on what value you want to use. For me (Noa), my Spell Power varies from 48000 to 65000 depending on procs, trinkets, buffs etc. So I took the middle (which is ~56000). Right click on the sliding bar which gives you the awesome ability to type instead of slide what number you're looking for, and (in this case) put in 56000.
  3. At this point, you have a basic working TellMeWhen icon: it only shows when you have 56000 or more spell power, which gives you an indication on when you want to refresh your Living Bomb. The next step is to incorporate Haste rating.
    To do this, go to the "Events" tab, and click "Add Event Handler" --> "On Condition Set Passing"
    1. The next thing you have to do is select what it wants to show, which i suggest is "Icon: Shake".
    2. On the ride side of the Animation To Use bit, you have options. Check "Play Indefinately" and slide the bare for "Shake Magnitude" to 5 pixels. Any more than this and you will get a headache because it jumps all over your screen!
    3. Now it still does nothing, so click on "Event Conditions". You want the icon to tell you when you have more haste. For DPS casters, this usually is the meta-gem. So, click on the dropdown box under "Type" and select buffs/debuffs --> "Buff - Stacks".
    4. Under "unit" fill out "player", and under "operator" you select "==". For the value, slide the bar to "1".
    5. The Buff from the meta-gem is called "Tempus Repit", so fill that in underneath the Type/Unit bit.
  4. What the Icon does so far is show you when you are on 56000 spell power, and it will start shaking when Tempus Repit procs. But you want it to stop when Tempus Repit expires. So we want to revert the process.
    To do that, go back to the "Events" tab (do not press Okay, because that will screw you) and click "add event handler"
    1. This time, you choose "Icon: Stop Animations".
    2. Click on "Event Conditons"
    3. Choose "Type" --> "Buff - Stacks"; "unit" --> "player"; "operator" --> "=="; "value" --> "0"
    4. Once again, put in Tempus Repit in the selection field underneath type and unit.


Now you will have nothing in your screen :P. However, as soon as you hit 56000 spell power, the icon appears. As soon as Tempus Repit procs, the icon starts shaking, and the icon stop shaking when the Tempus Repit buff expires. The icon will disappear again when you drop below 56000 spell power.

Keep refreshing the dot/hot when you see it, and when it starts shaking, even if you just applied it!

Gz, Noa

Note 1: the meta gem for healers is called differently, so make sure you write the buff you want to show in event conditions.
Note 2: this tracks shit that happens to you, it doesn't  track debuffs that are applied to the boss/mob that will reduce/increase damage.
Note 3: for healers, the meta gem is actually a free cast instead of a haste buff, so you can still monitor it this way, but it will start shaking when you can cast it free instead when you get more ticks of it.
Note 4: if you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to ask. I probably can tune it to your needs!

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