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re: App: Betrayle

The application submitted by Betrayle is as follows:

Name : Alhàna
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Draenor
Level : 90
Gender : Female
Faction : Horde
Race : Blood Elf
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Prot
Spec 2 : Ret

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Character Name? :

How old are you and are you male or female in Real Life ? :
i am 17 years old and a female in real life

Class And Spec?:
Paladin Protection

Total time /played on your this character ? :
150 Days

Where do you live? Time zone?:
Im live in Denmark +1

Confirm you know our raiding days and hours and they are suitable for you:
Because of a football injury can i make all days and times

Previous raiding experience, starting from level 60 - only mention kills made before the next tier was released! (sorry killing C'thun at level 80 instead of 60 is not quite the same!):
I have raided since ICC full clear Cata full clear in all raids Hc clear in DS and i have raided MoP 3/16 HC and 12/12N and 2/14HC SoO now.

Describe your knowledge of your class and websites you visit to keep yourself up to date. Here is where you convince us you know the theorycraft to produce max performance from your char.:
I have almost just readed up my class what happen to the next patch like from Cata to MoP, followed my stat prio from Medigation, and get it to work, got my hit cap and expertice cap, in the start i stacked mastery, when we came to ToT switched to haste bild, because i talked with a friend that say the haste bild should be pretty good, but still the 20%+ mastery, im useing the website WoW-heroes to enchants, if i make pug grps also looking at other ppls that way around.

Please provide a screenshot of your UI :

Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.:
I have raided since i was 12 years old in LK with other Danish ppls. they learned me up and gave me a great knownledge about my pala as tank, since that i have raided with them for 3-4 years on they're main team there should be 18+ but they took me with them i take that for a good thing, and begin "play on my own foots" puged alot and when we came to DS i got a pug grp on my alt Shaman resto where it cam to full DS hc clear befor my pala got, then i met Sturm and we switched to Draenor where i have been RL in our own guild untill now. Im a very easy learner and got a fast progress mind, i want to come as long as the guild can and i can see the guild can.

Your plans for the next 6 months -will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?:
Well the only planes i got is to finish my school, move in to my boyfriend, and go to my work, but that shouldn't make me not came to the raids! Since my lovely boyfriend also playing.

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